A grant is any payment or gift made by a Parish Council to an organisation for a specific purpose that will benefit the Parish, or residents of the Parish, and which is not directly controlled or administered by the Parish Council. Christchurch Parish Council operates a Section 137 grant scheme. The law requires that Section 137 grants must be "in the interests of or will directly benefit the area or its inhabitants, or of part of it, or some of it " and " the direct benefit should be commensurate with expenditure."

Who can apply?

Local community groups, voluntary organisations and sports/recreational clubs, all must be of a non-commercial nature. Any grant application must be seen to be of benefit to residents of Christchurch Parish.

What will not normally be funded?

The following will not normally be funded:

  • Private individuals.
  • The activities of political organisations.
  • The activities of religious organisations, unless they can show they operate clear and open community activities which do not require membership or connection to the organisation and that the application will be of benefit to the community.
  • General operational and maintenance costs.
  • Events that have already occurred, equipment already purchased, works already started or completed.
  • Repayment of loans or cost of services, equipment or provisions in anticipation of a grant.
  • Organisations that have a closed or restricted membership without good reason.
  • Organisations that are the responsibility of another public body/agency, however some form of matched/joint funding might be considered.
  • "Upward funder" i.e. local groups where fund-raising is sent to a central HQ for redistribution.
  • Purposes for which there is a statutory duty upon other local or central government departments to fund or provide.

This list is not exhaustive, and may be added to at the Council’s discretion.

How can the grants be used and how are they decided?

The Council awards grants, at its discretion, to organisations which can demonstrate a clear need for financial support to achieve an objective which will benefit the Parish by:

  • providing a service;
  • enhancing the quality of life;
  • improving the environment; or
  • promoting the Parish in a positive way.

The Parish Council will consider the application and make a final decision. Each application will be assessed on its own merits. However, to ensure as fair a distribution as possible of available funds, the Parish Council will take into account the amount and frequency of any previous awards. Due account may also be taken of the extent to which funding has been sought or secured from other sources or fund raising activities.

At the Parish Council’s specific annual budgeting meeting, an amount will be set from which grants will be awarded during the following financial year. The availability of funds is dependent on the Council’s overall financial position and the choices it makes when allocating its resources.

It is not just the role of the Parish Council to award grants. Where possible it actively encourages organisations to seek grants from other agencies to finance projects.

Grant Applications

Application forms may be downloaded from the links below in Microsoft Word format to be completed on a computer or as a printed pdf document to be completed by hand.

Application Procedure

Application forms with full supporting documentation must be received by the Council on or before the first day of the month for consideration at the next Council meeting.


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