Who's Who

There are seven seats on the Council. Their term of office ends in May 2027, when an election will be held if there are more than seven candidates.
Photograph of James Hughes

James Hughes (Chairman)

Address: The Old Police House, 40 Church Road, Christchurch, PE14 9PQ
Photograph of Andrew Sparrow

Andrew Sparrow (Vice-Chairman)

Address: Acorn Farm, Padgetts Road, Christchurch, PE14 9PJ
Photograph of Jill Bliss

Jill Bliss

Address: Beechwood Farm, Toll Road, Three Holes, PE14 9JE
Photograph of Ryan Feeney

Ryan Feeney

Address: ℅ 358 High Road, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HS
Photograph of Julia Hayes

Julia Hayes

Address: 15 Wayside Estate, Christchurch, PE14 9NY
Photograph of Shaun Potter

Shaun Potter

Address: 8 Brimstone Close, Christchurch, PE14 9EE
Photograph of Dave Gibbs

Dave Gibbs (Clerk)

Address: Parrock View, 358 High Road, Newton-in-the-Isle, Wisbech, PE13 5HS